2017 Folly Frolic Sponsors

Without the generous support of our sponsors, not only would we be unable to put together the Folly Frolic with such amazing talent, but we wouldn’t be able to sustain the Kansas City legacy that is the Folly Theater. Our sponsors help us to maintain the historic building, provide wonderful programming that brings new music to Kansas City and sustain the longest running Jazz series in Kansas City, and even provide transport for some Title-I schools to attend the Folly Kids’ Series. For that, we want to thank them and recognize them for all they do!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for Folly Frolic there is more info HERE!

Presenting Sponsors:

Lockton Companies

Lockton Logo

Although Lockton is the world’s largest privately held, independent insurance broker, clients typically describe us as team members who care about their business. Energy, innovation, and deep expertise fuel our efforts to solve problems and achieve real results. At Lockton, they are passionate about serving their clients, developing their Associates, and giving back to their communities. They harness all of their global resources to do one thing: help you make your business better. They achieve this by improving your bottom line, managing your capital, attracting and retaining talent, and protecting your people, property, and reputation.

Lockton has sponsored Folly events in past including the Folly Golf Classic & last year’s Folly Frolic. This is their first year as a Presenting Sponsor with the Folly Frolic!

Learn more about Lockton Companies on www.Lockton.com, or visit their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

DST Systems, Inc.



A catalyst is a person or force that drives change. Our DST Catalyst program builds upon the existing foundation of employee engagement to positively impact the quality of life in our communities. It provides an outlet for the individual philanthropic passions of our employees while inspiring opportunities for workplace teams to give back to the communities in which we live and work. We care about the causes that our associates love and we support them with funding, time and resources.

This will be DST’s second year as a Folly Frolic Presenting Sponsor!

Learn more about DST Systems on www.DSTSystems.com, or visit their Facebook and LinkedIn.


Platinum Sponsors:

Kansas City Southern Charitable Fund



The Kansas City Southern Charitable Fund is a giving program put together by The Kansas City Southern company. The Kansas City Southern Company has had a long history of involvement with the Folly, including having several executives sit on the Folly Theater Board, especially during the revival of the Folly Theater in the 1980’s.

KCS Charitable Fund has sponsored the Folly Golf Classic and this is their first year supporting the Folly Frolic!

Learn more about Kansas City Southern on www.KCSouthern.com, or visit their LinkedIn.


Gold Sponsors:

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City







We’ve been the home of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City for more than 75 years. Starting with one member in 1938 and growing to nearly one million members to date, Blue KC has spent a lifetime helping folks live happier, healthier lives.

More locals choose Blue KC than any other health insurance company. And these nearly one million folks have something in common. They love the choices, affordability, innovative programs and award-winning service that go hand-in-hand with belonging to the Blues family.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City has sponsored Folly Events in the past including prior Folly Frolic‘s and paid for teams of their employees to attend the Folly Golf Classic. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of KC have also purchased a seat for the Seat Naming Campaign at the Folly Theater.

Learn more about Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City at www.BlueKC.com, or visit their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP


We have been talking to our clients about the trends that are shaping our world, such as resource scarcity, technological breakthroughs, and rapid urbanization. These global trends not only impact business and the economy, but they are also shaping our communities. At PwC, we apply our skills and experience to address challenges impacting the communities in which we live and operate by developing programs to help people in underserved communities prepare for the workforce and manage finances more effectively. Find out more about us and the progress we’ve made.

PwC sponsored the Folly Frolic last year at a Silver Level and have stepped up as a Gold Sponsor this year! Thank you for your continued support to the Folly Theater!

Learn more about PwC on www.PwC.com, or visit their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

First Federal Bank of Kansas City 



First Federal Bank’s mission is to create a better financial future by investing in our customers, employees, and communities—so we can all prosper together. This mission statement is the framework we use to achieve our philanthropic objectives. As a mutual bank, we share our success with our local communities by giving back to non-profit organizations and educational institutions that address vital needs, such as community & economic development, education & youth activities, arts and culture, and health & human services. The Bank directs giving to areas that positively impact the future success of communities, with preference given to projects that will impact a large number of individuals over an extended period of time. In certain situations, the Bank will support projects that have a national or international reach.

First Federal Bank of Kansas City sponsored at the gold level for Folly Frolic last year as well.

Learn more about First Federal Bank of Kansas City at www.FFBKC.com, or visit their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Silver Sponsors:

Aristocrat Motors




Aristocrat Motors is not just a dealership that offers premium luxury imports from a variety of makes and models. We are also a part of the greater community. Whether that means treating everyone who walks through our door to a luxury service experience or hosting events to support those in need in the Kansas City area, we give it our all. Aristocrat Motors community involvement spans locations, people, and experiences because that is what we see in this great community.

Aristocrat Motors is heavily involved with the Folly Theater! Aristocrat Motors sponsors the Folly Golf Classic, the past 3 Folly Frolic events, a long time sponsor of our Folly Jazz Series, The Folly Garden Party, and even donates water for our concessions stands sold by our Folly Volunteers!

Learn more about Aristocrat Motors on www.AristocratMotors.com, or visit their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Kansas City Power & Light





We’re connected to this region through the energy we provide, but our commitment goes much further. As a local company headquartered here for more than 130 years, our approach is simple—a healthy company is dependent on a healthy community. KCP&L employees volunteer nearly 20,000 hours each year to support the neighborhoods in which we live and work. Employees also supplement our corporate community investments with more than $1 million of their own money.

KCP&L has supported the Folly Theater with general donations in past and this is their second year sponsoring the Folly Frolic.

Learn more about KCP&L at www.KCPL.com, or visit their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Midwest Trust Co./FCI Advisors




We’re an independent, state-chartered trust company. We’re local. And we work with you to define your needs and help you grow toward your goals. That means we partner with your accountant and attorney. We have only your best interests at heart. Your goals shape our services.

Serving private clients and institutions since 1966, FCI Advisors is committed to being a premier national investment advisory firm dedicated to the delivery of a superior client experience.

Midwest Trust/FCI Advisors was brought to us by a long time board member, Jim O’Sullivan. This is Midwest Trust/FCI Advisors’ second year supporting the Folly Frolic, stepping up from Patron level last year.

You can learn more about Midwest Trust at www.MidwestTrust.com, or visit their LinkedIn.

You can learn more about FCI Advisors at www.FCIAdvisors.com, or visit their Twitter or LinkedIn.

Vaughan Mechanical

Vaughan Mechanical Inc. has been in business since 1988 as a full line mechanical contracting company. As a family-owned business, we expect our staff and field managers to achieve perfection to your satisfaction. We believe in forging lasting relationships with our customers in order to better serve them. Our work ranges from commercial plumbing and HVAC to work in pharmaceutical plants, food plants, automotive plants, and waste water treatment plants. We also specialize in underground utility piping and process/industrial piping. As we’ve grown so has the scope and complexity of the work we perform along with a reputation for excellent service and quality of work.

This is the third year that Vaughan Mechanical has supported the Folly Frolic.

You can learn more about Vaughan Mechanical at www.VM-Inc.com, or visit their Facebook.


Mobank/BOK Financial

Thinkers. Dreamers. Doers. Entrepreneurs. They’re not just the building blocks of our local economy. They’re the mobank community, a collection of visionary leaders, inspired artists, powerful minds, impassioned citizens and wunderkind makers.

At BOK Financial, we’re proud to trace our roots to a small energy bank founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma over 100 years ago during an oil boom. Today, as a top 25 U.S.-based bank with more than $30 billion in assets, BOK Financial has successfully diversified into a variety of industries, businesses and geographies throughout the U.S. We have banking operations in eleven states, with services throughout the nation, and a full-service brokerage firm, BOK Financial Securities, Inc., which has become one of the largest municipal bond underwriters in the country. Our wealth management division also continues to grow, offering a full suite of services to individuals and institutions nationwide.

mobank/BOK Financial have been an annual sponsor of the Folly Golf Classic and this is their first year supporting the Folly Frolic.

You can learn more about Mobank/BOK Financial at their new websites, www.MoBank.com or www.BOKFinancial.com, or on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Mark Seely & Ross Haynes


Mark Seely & Ross Haynes have been heavily involved in the Folly for the past several years. They both contribute & participate annually in the Folly Frolic, Folly Golf Classic, Folly Garden Party. Mark Seely is the current acting Board President for the Folly Theater, encouraging a strong direction for the Folly’s stability and other initiatives in his term. Mark & Ross were also crucial in gaining our first Presenting Sponsor for this event, Lockton Companies.

Patron Sponsors:

Guardian Life Insurance







How does a company get to be over 150 years old, while still staying relevant today? The answer lies in maintaining a strong set of values while keeping our clients’ needs primary in everything we do. As a mutual insurance company, we are owned by our policyholders who share in Guardian’s actual financial results through annual dividends*. These payments are determined by the firm’s profits, and Guardian has paid a dividend every year since 1868. We take the very long view, invest soundly, and maintain a strong capital base that enables us to meet our insurance commitments today and far into the future. Our sole responsibility is to our clients and policyholders, and that is reflected in everything we do.

Guardian Life Insurance has been a past sponsor of the Folly Golf Classic and this is their first year joining us for the Folly Frolic!

Learn more about Guardian at www.GuardianLife.com, or visit their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Ann & Frank Uryasz

Ann & Frank Uryasz are individual donors that have helped support the Folly Theater for over 3 years now. They have continually supported the Folly Frolic & the Folly Garden Party. We thank them for their continued support of the Grand Lady of Twelfth Street.

Delta Dental of Kansas




Community participation and leadership are important to DDKS and our employees. That’s why we spend hundreds of hours each year volunteering for local organizations. Delta Dental of Kansas (DDKS) is the largest, most experienced dental benefits company in Kansas.  We are passionate about providing benefits that meet the needs of our customers and educating Kansans about the importance of good oral health.

Delta Dental of Kansas has sponsored the Folly Frolic for 2 years now!

Learn more about Delta Dental of Kansas at www.DeltaDentalKS.com, or visit their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Joy & Stewart Koesten

Joy and Stewart Koesten have been long-time contributors to the Folly Theater both through their own personal giving and through their businesses. Stewart Koesten currently sits on the Folly Theater Board and served as the past Board President. Joy and Stewart have supported and attended all of the Folly Frolic events, the Folly Golf Classic events, and The Folly Garden Parties.

Principal Financial Group




Helping people is an important part of our culture at Principal®. That’s why the company, its employees, and the Principal Financial Group Foundation, Inc., work together to give back in a variety of ways. Our charitable giving is based on a simple philosophy: by targeting our contributions toward entities that have the greatest impact on our employees and marketers, customers, shareholders and businesses, we are able to make the greatest difference.

This is the first year that Principal has helped to support the Folly and we welcome them to our family!

Learn more about Principal at www.Principal.com, or visit their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Odyssey Real Estate Capital




Odyssey was founded in 2007 with a mission of assembling a local investment portfolio by providing acquisition, asset management, and leasing services to commercial real estate investors in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our business evolved rapidly in 2008 as real estate values fell sharply and lenders, loan servicers, and institutional investors began requiring local expertise and service providers in managing troubled assets. In addition to owning and operating commercial properties, Odyssey primarily provides brokerage and consulting services to lenders, servicers, and owners.

This is the first year that Odyssey has helped to support the Folly and we welcome them to our family!

Learn more about Odyssey at www.OdysseyRealEstateCapital.com, or visit their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Joseph & Charlotte Fahey

Joseph and Charlotte Fahey have been longtime supporters of the Folly Theater and are now in their second year of supporting the Folly Frolic.

JE Dunn Construction




JE Dunn is proud of our commitment to donate over 10 percent of pre-tax earnings to charities around the country. The majority of JE Dunn employees spend time volunteering throughout the year in organizations such as educational and youth development, healthcare research, sustainability efforts, religious groups, arts and cultural foundations, and much more. Through the efforts of employees and the support of the Dunn Family Foundation, JE Dunn supported more than 300 philanthropies last year. JE Dunn has created an environment for employees which encourages them to get involved in the communities in which they live and work. We aren’t just dedicated to building buildings, we are committed to building better communities.

JE Dunn is joining us for their first year supporting the Folly Frolic.

You can learn more about JE Dunn Construction at www.JEDunn.com, or visit them on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Lyla & Rory Perrodin


Lyla and Rory are both private donors. Lyla is a member of the Folly Theater board and stays very active. Lyla and Rory continually attend the Folly FrolicFolly Golf Classic, and the Folly Garden Party. Lyla and Rory have also supported the Folly Forever Campaign and the Folly Seat Naming Campaign.

Russel Derringer & David Hilton


Russel & David are first time contributors to the Folly Frolic! Thank you both for your contribution!