Celebrating Juneteenth

We recognize and appreciate the great contributions that the Black community has made to the performing arts! We, as an organization, a staff, and board, recognize Juneteenth as a day to celebrate the ending of slavery in the United States and the contributions made by the Black community to American life and arts.

Folly Theater Summer Hours – 2020

Like most arts & nonprofit organizations in Kansas City, the months of July & August are a little slower on performances and events. In a continued effort to provide a work-life balance for our staff, we have specific summer hours that allow our staff to enjoy Fridays at home with their families and loved ones.

Bang Production’s Comedy Shows have been rescheduled

Carolanne Miljavac’s “She Laughs” Comedy Tour and Darren Knight’s Southern Momma will be rescheduling the July 10th and July 11th performances. The decision was made after closely considering the regulations and protocols that would’ve had to been made to comply with social distancing orders. The new dates are on October 2nd for Carolanne and October 3rd for Darren.