Become a Frolic Promotional Partner

As we expand the Frolic, we have decided to bring Promotional Partners into the Frolic’s Digital program.

In the age of COVID, the Folly Frolic (and our program) will look a little different this year. A little more…digital. While we are still hosting the Folly Frolic on November 21st, 2020 to an audience of about 300 socially-distanced patrons, we will also record the performance and then distribute the video via our social media and email, to share the performing arts with all!

What does this mean for the program? It means that this year’s program will not be printed, however, it will be dispersed to thousands of new eyes… Not only will each physical attendee get a copy of the virtual program emailed to them, but we will also email the program out to our 6,000+ Email Subscriber network, as well as share it on our social media channels with over 10,000+ followers! A HUGE opportunity for local businesses to be seen in the community.

Benefits of being a Promotional Partner

  • * Full-Color ad in a program seen by thousands of people
  • * Recognized as a supporter of the arts in Kansas City
  • * Logo & link published on Folly’s website alongside Sponsors

Our ads start at a half-page for $275 and a full page for $500. All ads are available in full color and must be print-ready by October 23rd.

How to Place an Order

If you’re ready to take out an ad in the Folly Frolic program, simply download the form by clicking the button below. Decide if you would like a full- or half-page ad.

Fill out the form and email it back to James Maiden, Marketing Director, at [email protected]


Feel free to reach out to our Marketing Manager with any questions!

James Maiden can be reached at [email protected] or 816-768-6882