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Jazz is an important part of the Folly Theater’s personality. As are Groucho Marx, Humphrey Bogart, YoYo Ma, Joyce DiDonato, and Dave Brubeck. Jazz is but one of the many personalities the Folly has developed during its 113 year history. Perhaps you experienced a few yourself. Burlesque, vaudeville, family theater, Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West…

Richard Thompson: “Guitar God”

“Guitar god” might sound like hyperbole, but to many music fans of British singer-songwriter Richard Thompson it’s a suitable salutation.  He is regarded as much for his technical chops on guitar as for his darkly funny lyrics. He recently stopped by the NPR studios and shared stories and songs with David Dye of World Cafe….

Our New Marquee!

We celebrated a major milestone last November when we erected a new marquee.  A throwback to the era when the Folly hosted vaudeville, burlesque and more, the sign is a nice connection between today and the 112-year-old downtown theater.