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Eat, Drink, and Be Jolly for the Folly!

The “Grand Lady of 12th Street” invites you to a benefit garden party on Sunday, June 2, from 4 PM-7 PM!

Single tickets are on sale now!

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Every year our Development Director, Brian Williams, hosts the Folly Garden Party in the garden of his historic Hyde Park home to support the Folly Theater’s general operations fund. These funds help preserve our historic theater, book internationally acclaimed artists for the Folly Jazz Series and Folly Americana Series, and much more.

Garden party guests will enjoy a picnic basket full of fried chicken, picnic fares, and refreshing beverages. Plus, the Ben Tervort Trio will accompany the festivities with live jazz music. Join us for a fabulous afternoon of conversation and “cheers” in honor of our late friend C. Stephen Metzler & the Folly Theater.

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Support Kansas City performing arts! Register online, call Brian at 816-768-6886, or email to become a sponsor.



Become a Garden Party Sponsor

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Name Recognition on invitation, signage, website, and the 2024-2025 Folly Jazz and Americana Playbill

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Name Recognition on invitation, signage, website, and the 2024-2025 Folly Jazz and Americana Playbill

($410 is tax-deductible)

Underwriter Sponsor
Julie Walker Browne and Pete Browne Ann Abercrombie and Genny Nicholas
Sue and Mark Carlson Jim Allen and Kay Noonan
Robert Claassen Diane Botwin and Mike Vessels
Robert J. Cody Cliff and Jordan Brazen
J. Scott Francis, Francis Family Foundation Lee and Kristina Brummit
Dan Hubbard and Ron Smith Chris Coffey and Chuck Michel
Richard Keller and Michael Glennon Jill and Bill Coughlin
Julie and Mike Kirk Pat and Don Dagenais
Beth and Brian Madden Cathy and Steve Doyal
C. Stephen Metzler and Brian D. Williams Fund Trask Engel and Jake Phelps
Rorik Peterson and Chris Porter Eddie Gladbach and Kevin O’Brien
PGAV Architects
Randell Sedlacek and Mary Ventura
Mark Seely and Ross Haynes
Theater League
Twin Financial, Inc.
Sarah and James Weitzel
Sara Welch
Pam and Gary Gradinger
The Greensman Inc.
Paula and Bill Hankins
Carol and Tom Hynek
Cathy Jambrosic and Michele Stauffer
Kay Johnson and Bill Koenigsdorf
Brad Johnson
Vicki and Mark Johnson
Dr. Newton Jones and James Corrick
Lisa Leonard
Bill and Peggy Lyons
Kim and Steve Nelson
Sue and Lewis Nerman
Lance Orozco and Darrel Brenneke
Robert Pauly
Merry Quackenbush
Palle and Dennis Rilinger
Lisa and Charles Schellhorn
Sandy Schermerhorn and Martha Boyd
Lonnie Shalton and Rita Leifhelm
J. Michael Sigler and Greg Oborny
TJ and Willard Snyder
Aimee and Rick Starks
JoAnn and Bill Sullivan
Ursula Terrasi and Jim Miller
Greg Thurman and Don White
Hoang-Anh Tran and Frank Diez
Kathleen Tritsch
Rick Truman and Jerry Pope
Katherine and Clyde Wendel
Helen and Frank Wewers