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Folly Garden Party

Every year our Development Director, Brian Williams, hosts the Folly Garden Party in the garden of his historic Hyde Park Home to help raise funds for the Folly Theater’s general operations fund. These funds are used to help pay for the operation and maintenance of the historic theater, book internationally acclaimed artists for the Folly Jazz Series, and much more.

This year’s picnic has a few changes in order to keep our attendees safe and healthy including social distancing, mask requirements (except while eating and drinking), and masks and gloves for all servers.

This year, to reduce the touching of food, all meals will be served in pre-packaged Individual Picnic Baskets. If you are unable to join the group for the socially distanced event, we encourage you to take part in the “Curbside Pick-Up” where we’ll have your meal ready for you to take to your own picnic spot. 

Thanks to all the amazing attendees and sponsors of the 2020 Folly (socially-distanced) Garden Party we managed to raise just over $57,000 toward supporting the Folly as she enters her 120th anniversary!

Guests were met with a picnic basket full of fried chicken, pasta salad, and other picnic fares, along with hand sanitizer and their own #FollyLove mask! It was a fabulous afternoon with masked conversations and socially distanced “cheers” in honor of our late friend C. Stephen Metzler & the Folly Theater.

The Folly Thanks This Year’s Generous Underwriters & Sponsors!

Pete B. Brown & Julie Walker Browne Stinson LLP Robert Classen
Jon & Wendy McGraw – Buttonwood Financial Group Kim Jones & Shelly Freeman The C. Stephen Metzler & Brian D. Williams Fund
John & Marny Sherman Dan Hubbard & Ron Smith Twin Financial, Inc.
Richard Keller & Michael Glennon Randy Sedlacek & Mary Ventura Chris Coffey & Chuck Michel
Joan Horan Linda & Steve Taylor Alison & Steve Paddock
Sara E. Welch Mark Persson, DDS Fred O. Nelson
Rorik Peterson & Chris Porter Julie & Mike Kirk Laura & Reuben Perin
Mark Seely & Ross Haynes Burleson Community Fund
Mark & Linda Eagleton Newt Jones & Jim Corrick Rick & Annie Zander Sue & Lewis Nerman
Sandy Schermerhorn & Martha Boyd Kim & Steve Nelson Sarah & Jonathan Baum Gregory Porter & James Townsend
Lonnie Shalton & Rita Leifhelm Robert J. Cody Don & Pat Dagenaid Paul Milakovich
Carol & Tom Hynek Joy & Stewart Koesten TJ & Willard Snyder Clyde & Katie Wendel
Regina & Bill Kort Kay Johnson & Bill Koenigsdorf Scott & Robin Boswell, Commerce Trust Company Diane Botwin & Mike Vessels
Bob Pauly & Rocky Mountain Cheryl Dillard & Pat Titterington Mike Sigler & Greg Oborny Jo Ann & Bill Sullivan
Pam & Gary Grandinger Michael Seck & Sharon Mossman Stewart Smith & Matt Stretz Robert & Merry Quackenbush
Mark Sappington & David Mcgee Bill & Peggy Lyons Lisa & Charles Schellhorn John Rensenhouse & Darren Sextro
Dean Dachenhausen Christine Ketterlin Dale & Andrea Smith Greg Thurman & Don White
Aimee & Rick Starks Lyla & Rory Perrodin Sharon & John Hoffman Tricia & Chris Benner
Richards Financial Services, Inc. Theresa Ryan & Danny Carmichael Rosetta & Wayne Robins Jolie Justus & Lucy Bardwell
Jill & Bill Coughlin Siobhan McLaughlin Lesley Carol & Allan Hallquist Christine & Gary Adams
Julie & Richard Paradise Palle & Dennis Rilinger Darren E. Killen, MD & Dustin A. Swartz

To be a Folly Garden sponsor can visit this link to pay online: Become a Sponsor or contact Brian Williams at 816-842-5500 or

Become a Garden Party Sponsor

Underwriter – $1,000

4 Tickets

Name Recognition on invitation, signage, and website

($820 is tax-deductible)

Become a Sponsor Now

Sponsor – $500

2 Tickets

Name recognition on invitation, signage, and website

($410 is tax-deductible)