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Your generous support makes Folly Theater programming possible.

Support the Folly experience today.  Your generosity will ensure the Folly’s intimate performances are available to audiences now and for years to come. Please give generously.  Your tax-deductible contribution will help maintain the Folly for future generations to enjoy.

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Seat Replacement Fund

The Folly is about to undergo the most impactful and transformational revitalization in over 40 years while honoring the theater’s history. We need your help to replace all the theater seats with wider, more comfortable seats with thicker padding. Each seat costs more that $500 to replace. Can you help?

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Folly 2020 Capital Campaign

Click to see the Phase II Case Statement.

For more information contact Brian Williams, Development Director at 816-768-6886.  Or email at

Support the Folly Theater

The Grand Lady of 12th Street Needs You

Interested in supporting the Folly Theater in other ways? Everything from Volunteering to general donations to our annual fundraisers helps to support the Folly Theater. Learn more by visiting our Support or Fundraisers pages!

Seat Naming Campaign

This is a call to all the arts supporters to put your name down in history! The Folly Theater has announced one of the biggest initiatives in our recent history, the Seat Naming Campaign! as a part of our endowment efforts, which reached its first phase goal of one million dollars in July of 2017. This was accomplished in part by individuals and companies putting their name down in history (and metal) that they will stand (or sit) to support the Folly Theater and the growth of the arts in Kansas City. We have a bit to go to reach our second phase goal of five million dollars, but that can be done with your support!

A Folly Theater seat, inscribed with your name, a loved one’s name, your business, or in memoriam, creates a lasting legacy. For future visitors, your named seat serves as a reminder of your commitment to Kansas City’s performing arts. Your tax-deductible contribution to name a seat will be celebrated by family, friends, peers, and the community. Most importantly, your contribution ensures the sustainability of the Folly to serve many generations yet to come.

Ready to put your name down in Kansas City history as a pillar of society? Need more info? Give us a call! Reach out to Brian Williams, Director of Development, by phone at 816-768-6886 ext. 102 or email him. He will gladly walk you through the process, your options, and even tour the seats with you so you know where your seat will sit in history!

You can also download the full booklet of information here. If you already know the section you want (broken down in the map below), fill out this form and email it to Brian Willams, Brian@FollyTheater.Org, or mail it to P.O. Box 26505, Kansas City, MO 64196 and Brian will contact you to start the process!

Below is the map of seats and commitment level for each section.

You are the Folly’s Heart

Your tears of joy and peals of laughter still course through the hall of the Grand Lady of Twelfth Street. You have danced in her aisles. You have gazed at her ornate chandeliers while lost in the mesmerizing melodies flowing through her seats.

During this COVID intermission, the Folly’s ghost light stands guard over the darkened stage. It has become a beacon of hope waiting for performances to return. Music unites us, feeds our soul, and fills our hearts with joy. We cannot wait to begin presenting the extraordinary performances that the Folly has been known for, but we need your help today.

Donate Now

Please help keep the Folly’s Heart beating. Make a tax-deductible gift today to help continue the Folly’s legacy into the future. We are grateful for you and your support of the historic Folly Theater.

Thank you for helping to make a difference!


The Folly Theater’s legacy is only possible through the generous donations of our donors and patrons. Through community and individual giving, the Folly continues to thrive as Kansas City’s oldest theater. The Folly will continue to showcase artists and productions that enrich the lives of Kansas Citians and will be more than gracious to receive monies in support of this effort.