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Since the Folly reopened in 1981, the Grand Lady of Twelfth Street has relied on dedicated volunteers to give their time and keep her shining. Today the Folly hosts over 100 performances a year and the demand for volunteers, both in the theater and the office, is higher than ever. If you wish to share in the common love of music, our history, or just desire to give back to the community in a historically relevant way, we invite you to join our team!

Interested? Contact Volunteer Coordinator, Mike Warren (

Volunteer Benefits

The benefits of being a Folly Volunteer include:

  • The opportunity to see a wide genre of world-class entertainment
  • A monthly calendar with news of upcoming events and activities
  • Special pre-sale offers and discounted tickets to Folly presented events
  • Recognition programs including an annual party, awards, monthly prizes, and other social activities
  • Free parking in the garage next door during performances
  • The personal satisfaction and positive feeling of knowing you are helping to preserve a Kansas City treasure for generations to come
  • Training session to learn various historical ins and outs of the theater, usher protocol, and safety measures

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our events take place at the historic and recently-renovated Folly Theater at 300 W. 12th St., Kansas City, MO 64105.

There are annual volunteer opportunities at the springtime Folly Golf Classic and Folly Garden Party. We also occasionally need volunteers at our office, located just down the street at 1020 Central St., Suite 200, Kansas City, MO 64105.

You can begin the process by emailing Volunteer Coordinator Mike Warren at You’ll need to attend a two-hour training covering the colorful history of the Folly Theater, ushering expectations, and evacuation procedures.

The number of events is up to you.  You can pick the events that fit your schedule and/or match your taste in performances.

An average shift is about 4 hours.

Volunteers can park for free at the parking garage just west of the Folly Theater.

For theater events, we ask volunteers to wear a white button-down shirt with black pants or a skirt and black shoes.

Yes! While volunteers rotate so that someone is available to help patrons during shows, you’ll have a chance to see most of each performance.