American Spiritual Ensemble

This event is currently sold as part of the Great Masters: The Ingram Events package (six events). Single tickets become available on August 1.

Spirituals have always been a balm for the soul, and the American Spiritual Ensemble is a foremost interpreter of the genre. Founded in 1995, the group is dedicated to preserving the legacy of the Negro Spiritual, but they also venture into classical music, jazz, and Broadway. The group’s Folly Theater concert will showcase its versatility.

Presenter: Harriman-Jewell Series
Program TBA
Ensemble: American Spiritual Ensemble

Calendar Saturday January 13, 2018

Clock 7:30 PM

The Folly Theater at Night


The Folly Theater

300 West 12th Street

Kansas City, MO 64105

Ticket Office 816.474.4444