EWJR Entertainment Presents: Hollywood – The Musical 2:30pm & 7pm

Hollywood: The Musical is a melodrama stage musical of a young girl named Holly, who is being raised to become the next pop star by her military style father. Holly is pushed to do whatever it takes to become this star including go beyond her moral values. In the process of time, Holly becomes extremely successful, realizing that she is pushing herself passed her limits due to frequent flashbacks of her late father. Screaming for attention, she often wonders if those around her are hearing her or just seeing her success. Will Holly find her true identity?
This story is meant to inspire young artists to find their true identity and to be true to who they are. So often society forces an image of a certain look, body frame, and persona, without encouraging individuality. Also, some parents live their lives through their children and don’t fully allow their child to find where they fit in this world. Through this production, we want to encourage, motivate, and uplift our youth of today who are becoming our leaders of tomorrow to have confidence in what they have even if the masses doesn’t totally see it at the time. Through passion, hard work, practice, and determination, you can be anything you want if you just believe.
Although this production caters to our youth ages 18 to 30, it’s definitely a story for the entire family both young and old. Come enjoy a musical filled with songs you are familiar with that has hit our top pop charts, amazing dance moves that will make you want to get out of your seat and dance, and a story line that will leave you wanting more.

Children 3 and under may sit on the parent’s lap for free. Children 4-7 yrs are 1/2 price. Everyone 8 yrs and older is full price.

Calendar Saturday July 08, 2017

Clock 2:30 PM

Ticket $20, $25, $30

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