KKFI Collaborations LIVE!

10 Unique Performances

Saturday, June 29th at 8 PM

6:00 PM VIP RECEPTION – Patron’s Lounge AT the FOLLY theater

Collaborations Live! is bringing together 10 never before seen performances to the historic Folly Stage.  The show will begin with two songs, then one of the artists will exit the stage and a second collaborator will join the remaining artist on stage.  They will perform two songs, then one will leave and be joined by another artist for two more songs.  This musical relay is not a race to the finish, but rather a coming together of community.

This year’s artists’ are:

Quixotic Performers – Cirque Nouveau
w/ Maria Cuevas & The Wires
Jessica Paige – Pop/Folk
w/ Mark Lowrey & Rick Kloog
Kelly Hunt – Folk Banjo)
w/ Traditional Music Society & Fanny and Ryan Head
Maria Cuevas (of Maria the Mexican) – Latin Pop Folk
w/ Ceili at the Crossroads & Quixotic
The Wires – Alternative Strings
w/ SugEasy & Quixotic
Mark Lowrey – Jazz Pianist
w/ Jessica Paige & VJDN8
Traditional Music Society – African Drum & Dance
w/ Kelly Hunt
SugEasy – Hip Hop Dance
w/ The Wires & Ceili at the Crossroads
VJDN8 – Visual Arts/Video
w/ Mark Lowrey & Casey Key
Rick Kloog – Hand Pan
w/ Jessica Paige & Fanny & Ryan Head
Casey Key – Pole Dance
w/ VJDN8
Ceili at the Crossroads – Irish Dance Troupe
w/ SugEasy & Maria Cuevas
Fanny & Ryan Head – Classical Pianist & Guitar
w/ Kelly Hunt & Rick Kloog

This event is a Fundraiser for KKFI 90.1FM Kansas City Community Radio.  In our 31st year on the air, we continue to broadcast 24/7. Our Mission is to bring you the news, views, and entertainment you just cannot find anywhere else and to focus on the underserved who are overlooked and underrepresented.  We are the Voice of the Community.


Box Seats: $120 [Plus Fees]
Orchestra: $25 – $90 [Plus Fees]
$90 & $120 tickets include access to the Pre-Show VIP Reception
Lower Balcony: $15 – $25 [Plus Fees]
Upper Balcony: $10 [Plus Fees]
Fees are not waived for in-person or day-of ticket purchases

**This event is presented by a rental client. The content of this event does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the Folly Theater, its staff, or board of directors.

Calendar Saturday June 29, 2019

Clock 8:00 PM

Ticket $10 - $120

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