The Unknown Soldier – 11:30 AM

5th – 9th Grades

Produced by the Monkey Baa Theater-Sydney, Australia

With a tour timed to honor the centenary of WWI and America’s entry in 1917, this poignant new work explores themes of war, duty, courage, and sacrifice. Using the lens of history, we discover the meaning and importance of The Unknown Soldier the play and consider his significance for young audiences worldwide.

The production tells two stories a century apart: the battlefields of WWI and the home front of modern day. 13-year-old Charlie is coping with his father’s return from Afghanistan with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Charlie’s Aunt Angela is a peace activist trying to make sense of it all. Through the discovery of some old letters, Charlie and Angela piece together the stories of Albert, a 16-year-old soldier preparing “to go over the top” while fighting for his Country, and Grace, a mother and volunteer nurse who is searching for her lost son. Through Albert and Grace’s letters, the historical war comes alive, and Charlie and Angela find new perspective on the lives of soldiers, nurses and the families back home.

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Calendar Monday October 30, 2017

Clock 11:30 AM

Ticket $6. Discounts for groups & schools.

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