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Doktor Kaboom - It's Just Rocket Science

Part of the Virtual Folly Kids Series

Described as “part Mr. Wizard and part Mr. Rogers” Doktor Kaboom uses the excitement of rocketry to present Newton’s Laws of Motion in multiple, over-the-top, demonstrations. Each of Newton’s 3 laws is clearly explained, comically demonstrated, and followed by a DIY project that students can do as a class, in groups, or individually. 3 Laws, 3 lessons, 3 projects! Throughout the Arts Engagement, Doktor Kaboom intersperses the lessons with discussions on safety and personal empowerment. Of particular focus here is using rocket science to prove that “science is for everyone, not just the person who wins the science fair every year”.  This is the perfect program for introducing or reviewing the physics of motion.

Recommended Grades 3 – 8
On sale September 2