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Grace Piper Fields

LIVE! In The Lounge

Doors open at 6:30pm, Show begins at 7pm

Songwriter, performer, composer, and playwright Grace Piper Fields connects with her audiences with poetic storytelling. Her both timeless and futuristic sound pushes the boundaries of pop.

Reverie: An Unlikely Fairytale, is an original musical derived from the pages of Grace’s great-grandmother’s diaries.

“I discovered my great-grandmother, Lorene Grant Piper, in the dusty pages of her diaries. I had always been fascinated by this woman I had never met and for whom I was given my middle name. The recollections my grandmother would tell about her mother, who could listen to a song and immediately play it on the piano, had perfect pitch, and told stories about fairies in magical realms drew me in. My grandmother, Elaine Reussner, has saved Lorene’s abundant stacks of diaries, letters, and scrapbooks in her basement. These prolific documents range from 1917 to 1979 and include daily accounts of her life, personal correspondence, fiction novels in her own handwriting, and even some original music. My grandmother always thought someone should do something with this treasured trove of documents- maybe write a book. I was pondering this idea over when it occurred to me, Lorene was a musician, so her story should be told as a musical! And that is how Reverie began.”

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