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Samara Joy – October 14

22-year-old Samara Joy makes her case as the next jazz singing sensation. Her voice has already earned her fans appearances on the TODAY show and millions of likes on TikTok – cementing her status as perhaps the first Gen Z jazz singing star.

The Hot Sardines – January 27

In the hot jazz movement, The Hot Sardines stand apart for the innovation, verve, and sheer joy they bring to music, both new and old. “It’s a really cool time to be making music,” Elizabeth says, “Especially if you’re making music that started its life 100 years ago.”

Norman Brown – March 9

The joy that emanates from guitarist Norman Brown while he is playing is palpable. the guitar is simply an extension of him. The multi-platinum selling and chart-topping musician is an artist who is truly in service of the music with the goal to be a force for positivity.

Alexa Tarantino Quartet – November 11

Alexa Tarantino is an award-winning, vibrant, young jazz saxophonist, woodwind doubler, composer, and educator. Alexa’s “high-octane [performance]” (Jazzit Magazine) establish her individual voice which shines through as a dynamic performer and educator.

Diane Schuur – February 24

A leading vocalist in contemporary jazz, Diane Schuur is as eclectic as she is brilliant. Schuur’s voice is bold and expressive, traversing a straight-ahead brand of jazz in her trademark style – simultaneously romantic and mischievous, radiating soulful passion.

Matthew Whitaker Quintet – April 6

Matthew Whitaker is music. To see and hear him play is to know that divine talent exists. Beyond his innate musical abilities is a sheer joy and passion to create music,” – WBGO. At 15, he became the youngest Yamaha jazz piano artist. Now at 22 he is taking stages across the world by storm.