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KCAI Student Interview: Ipek Pelit

Ipek's posters were a crowd favorite because of the retro-paint imposed style in her posters. You can find other student interviews here as we post them!

Ipek Pelit

Age: 22 | Field of Study: Graphic Design

[caption id="attachment_5413" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Ipek Pelit[/caption]
What were your honest thoughts when you heard about this project?

"The idea of studying with music made me excited when I first heard that."

Who is your favorite artist that you listened to?

"Kandace Springs"

What was your process for creating your posters (in terms that us non-graphic design students can understand)?

"I gave the importance to rhythm and style of music. I kept listening to music and drew instruments while I am listening to them."

Of your posters, which is your favorite?

"I tried many styles but as final Kandace Springs and Kurt Elling Quintet are my favorite."

Where are you hoping your career will go after KCAI?
"My goal is designing according to the consumer, but not like a UX designer. I want to be a packaging designer or motion graphic designer."
Where can we find your work?

Instagram: @ipekpelitt

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