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2019 Folly Volunteer Recognition Night

Every year, the team at the Folly takes an evening to recognize and thank its almost 200 volunteers! This year was no different with our annual Volunteer Recognition Night. This year was topped off with an Americana theme complete with ribs, a watermelon floaty, peach cobbler, and a performance by the KC Dixieland Band!

Fun Fact: We had 179 people volunteer 7,264 hours of their time at 96 events from May 2018 to April 2019!

Volunteer Awards

It wouldn't be a Recognition Night without recognizing some of the award-winning Folly Volunteers!

Ushers of the Year

Phil and Nancy Reicher, Team #4/5

Volunteer of the Year

Chis Elkins-MacFaden

Usher Teams of the Year

Team #6, led by Gene Wayenberg & Team #8, led by Carolyn Barnhart

Concessionaire Extraordinaire

Donna Henry

Team with Highest Percentage of Members at VRN

Team #6 - 63% of its members in attendance

Photo Gallery

Want to join in on the fun??

You can learn more about becoming a Folly Volunteer by visiting our Webpage or contact a Folly Staff Member at 816-842-5500!