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Folly Board Photo Time!

Last week the Folly Theater Board of Directors took time out of their busy, individual schedules to gather on stage of the Folly Theater for their annual group photo!

Meet the Folly Theater Board of Directors

2019-2020 Folly Theater Board of Directors
From left to right: Sara E. Welch, Steve Paddock, Stacy Purvis, Rick Starks, Rosetta Robins, Jim O'Sullivan, Doug Richards, Pete Browne, Mark Eagleton, Mark Seely, Alex Solorio, Jayne Siemens, James Hailey, Sean Barnard, Chris Benner, Lyla Perrodin

The Folly's Board of Directors is an energetic group committed to the growth of the Grand Lady of Twelfth Street. Whether it be fundraising, planning, or committee work, this group of talented business leaders in Kansas City gives their all to the Folly Theater.

From the entire Folly staff, we thank them for all they do! You can find the entire listing of our Board Members HERE.

Of course, we had to include this picture to show the goofy side of this hard-working group!