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Folly Lobby Renovation – Day 58

We know... It's been a while since we've checked in.

Well, wait no longer...

Here is your day 58 update!


The crews from McCown Gordon have been working around the clock (almost literally) to accomplish this renovation by mid-September! Over the past 20 days from our last check-in, there have been huge strides. Tile has been laid in the original lobby and is now being planned out for the newer lobby. Don't worry, we got a photo before they covered it up! The HVAC system is all hooked up and slated to be operational by Friday, September 7th, just in time for the Sweetheart of the Rodeo concert on Sunday, September 9th. The stairs leading to the Shareholders Room are installed and ready to be beautified and KC Lift & Elevator have begun the installation of a new elevator!

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