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Folly Theater Summer Hours – 2020

Like most arts & nonprofit organizations in Kansas City, the months of July & August are a little slower on performances and events. In a continued effort to provide a work-life balance for our staff, we have specific summer hours that allow our staff to enjoy Fridays at home with their families and loved ones.

Photo by Angelo Pantazis on Unsplash

While these hours are all tentative and dependent on the needs of the theater, below you can find our current summer closures.

During these closures, our staff will have no access to their office phones and very limited-to-no access to their emails. However, tickets and requests for information can still be found at!

Folly Theater Business & Box Office Closure Dates

June 19th - Closed

June 26th - Closed

July 3rd - Closed for Independence Day Weekend

July 10th - Closed

July 17th - Closed

July 24th - Closed

July 31st - Closed

August 7th - Closed

August 14th - Closed

August 28th - Closed

September 4th - Closed

September 7th - Closed for Labor Day

Office hours, performances, and meetings are all subject to change due to the varying conditions brought on by COVID-19. Any changes will be announced via the Folly's social media, blog, and/or email.