Fundraising Event


  Black Friday. Small Business Saturday. Cyber Monday. Then...   Giving Tuesday is your chance to support your local nonprofits that really need your assistance this time of year. As we all know, this is the time of year when expenses go up, budgeting for the next year starts, and the stress of planning on a nonprofit budget is at its highest. Many nonprofits, like the Folly Theater, depend on the donations from not only companies, but individuals as well to help them sustain.
Since our civic leaders lead the charge to save the Historic Folly Theater in the 1970’s, we have been fortunate to have generous donors who understand that the arts fuel our economy and are transformational for our quality of life.  The Folly is a community asset; many of the world famous artists who have performed on stage tout the Folly Experience – our pristine acoustics and welcoming environment.  Our donors continue to allow us to maintain our theater, keep our production equipment up to date, and bring in a diverse group of performers from all over the world; we simply could not do this without the generosity of those who continue to support us and our mission. - Gale Tallis, Executive Director
Since the Folly Theater reopened in 1982, our mission has been to promote the arts in Kansas City and preserve the city's most historic theater. A building that has been standing since 1900, as a staple of the Kansas City arts & culture scene. Closing and reopening, indulging in everything from theater to burlesque and opera to the Marx Brothers, the Folly Theater has stood the test of time. Today the theater still holds to its history of showing a variety of arts and entertainment. Standing as a staple venue for local organizations like Heartland Men's Chorus and Friends of Chamber Music, while presenting varieties such as Drag Queens, Country music artists, and comedians. We host all of these unique talents because we believe in the furthering of the arts and culture of Kansas City. The Folly continues its own produced series as well. The Folly Jazz Series, now in its 35th season and the longest running jazz series in Kansas City, continues to bring worldwide and nationwide talent to our jazz loving city. Our partnership with KCUR's Cyprus Avenue and Bill Shapiro moves on into 2018 bringing more folk, soul, and other unique musical styles to crowds that love being introduced to new roots-based music. Finally, our Folly Kids' Series continues on providing educational, and fun, theater productions to thousands of children across Kansas City. This includes several title-1 schools that we are able to underwrite their tickets and bus transportation, through funding provided by donors like you. As the Folly Theater moves into the next year, we're looking at major changes in the theater and programming to continue to bring the best possible experience to our patrons. With all this said, we are asking that you keep us in mind this #GivingTuesday. We need your help to move into 2018 with a bang!