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KKFI Collaborations at the Folly Theater!

We received some great photos and video from our friends at KKFI from their Collaborations event in June!

Every year, KKFI hosts KKFI Collaborations at the Folly Theater. A night of collaboration between artists of different mediums including video, music, dance, and more. In a relay-style event, one artist hits the stage and performs with the prior artists. The first artist leaves the stage as a new artist comes on and they perform together. This exciting style of performance is very difficult, but yields amazing, original works between some of Kansas City's best and newest artists! This year's event raised over $5,000!

You can learn more about KKFI or support them by visiting!
KKFI Collaborations LIVE! 2019 Wrap Up Video

KKFI Collaborations LIVE! 2019 Photo Gallery

KKFI Collaborations LIVE! 2019 is a recipient of the Metzler-Copaken Initiative Grant to Expand the Performing Arts at The Folly Theater. Learn more about this grant by visiting