Folly Theater News

The Grand Lady Needed an Operation!

The Folly's Fire Sprinkler System Burst!

In Early November of 2018, the Folly's tech crew found a rapidly growing pool of water in the Folly's basement. After quick work to shut off the pipe and clean up the area, an investigation by the city and Kansas City Fire & Sprinkler found that the fire sprinkler system has a deteriorating pipe. That 100-year-old pipe repair resulted in over $100,000 of work to replace!
Hear from local influencers about why the Folly holds a dear place in Kansas City's heart and why it deserves your support!

Why So Expensive?

  • Between the pipe repair team and the City of Kansas City, it took 33 days to finish the project
  • Numerous city permits and inspections had to be ordered
  • A new sprinkler pipe, meter, and back-flow valve had to be installed
  • City sidewalk & street had to be ripped up and then replaced after the new pipe was installed
  • A 24/7 "Fire Watch Crew" had to be in place, walking the building ever hour for 33 days

What's the Damage?

After 33 days of construction crews, inspections, paperwork, and a month worth of 24/7 Fire Watch Crew wages, the Folly Theater's bills totaled $111,712.

This Grand Lady Needs Your Help!

The unexpected pipe replacement and crew costs have depleted our building maintenance funds used to maintain this 119-year-old piece of Kansas City History. The Folly that has seen names like the Marx Brothers, Gypsy Rose Lee, and Humphrey Bogart to more modern names like Roseanne Cash, The Hot Sardines, Oleta Adams, and Joyce DiDonato.

Sir James Galway aptly described the Folly as “Kansas City’s Carnegie Hall.” This richly ornate and intimate theater holds a unique and vital place in Kansas City’s arts ecology as a vibrant meeting place of creative ideas. We take great pride in the quality and cultural diversity of the Folly’s programming and the venue we provide for many of our City’s important mid-sized arts organizations.

Unforgettable, transformative arts experiences give the Folly its unique vitality. Watch a thousand kids spellbound by children’s theater actors one second, and rollicking with laughter the next; be transported by the lush chords from a concert pianist; or immerse your soul in the sensuous, mellow harmonies and energizing rhapsodies of jazz. Experience Joyce DiDonato, Oleta Adams, Arturo Sandoval, The Moth Mainstage, and The Hot Sardines These life-changing moments allow imaginations to soar, expand horizons and perspectives, and connect us all through shared experiences and values.

Please Help the Folly Sustain

We need your help to replenish our Building Maintenance Fund. With it now depleted, prevents us from performing the necessary updates and general practices to keep the Grand Lady standing tall.

Your Contribution of $10, $25, $50, or whatever you can spare will make a tremendous difference.

Thank you.

If you are able to support, please visit our Go Fund Me or call us directly to make a donation in support of the Folly Building Fund.

Contact Brian Williams, Development Director, at 816-768-6886 or for more ways to support.

If you aren't able to help support financially, we encourage you to help share our story via email or social media!