Music Explorations: A Jazz Journey

Join with a group of stellar Kansas City musicians as we depart on a narrated journey of musical “time travel”. Starting in the early 1900’s, we will explore how America’s “melting pot” of many cultures provided the ingredients for the development and evolution of our country’s original musical art form – jazz!

We will explore how Ragtime combined with Blues from the American South to create the earliest sounds of New Orleans Jazz. Journeying up the river to Chicago, we will discover hot jazz style of “The Roaring 20’s”. Moving into the 1930’s and the Swing era will discover how the Kansas City style of jazz placed our hometown forever in the music history books. The exciting sounds of Bebop and beyond will take us to New York and around the world as we highlight the various styles of modern jazz right up to the present day!

Brass section of Jazz group

Join us on February 2nd for this exciting performance!

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Calendar Friday February 02, 2018

Clock 10:00 AM

Ticket All Tickets Just $6!

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The Folly Theater at Night


The Folly Theater

300 West 12th Street

Kansas City, MO 64105

Ticket Office 816.474.4444