The Yellowjackets – Pioneers in Jazz Fusion

The Band Within a Band In 1977, Robben Ford brought together musicians of a veteran caliber to record, The Inside Story. This group consisted of keyboardist Russell Ferrante,  bassist Jimmy Haslip, and drummer Ricky Lawson. The group, including Robben Ford., that discovered a “chemistry” in their primarily instrumental sound. A sound that Robben’s record company felt needed…

A Page from The Friends of Chamber Music Listening Guide – Bach Collegium Japan

The highly anticipated Bach Collegium Japan performance at the Folly Theater is around the corner! We’re excited to provide you with another excerpt from the Friends of Chamber Music’s Listening Guide. Make sure to study up and be ready for this stunning performance! Bach Collegium Japan performs at the Folly Theater on Thursday, December 6th…

Who is Mr. 335, Larry Carlton?

Larry Carlton is a guitarist that has spanned all genres including jazz, rock, and jingles. Coming up in Southern California, Carlton picked up his first guitar at age 6 and never put it down. Carlton was introduced to jazz in junior high. That was cultured by hearing artists like Barney Kessel, B.B. King, and Coltrane….

The Brentano String Quartet and Jonathan Biss

Our long time clients (and friends) the Friends of Chamber Music have put together another wonderful blog post about their upcoming concert, the Brentano String Quartet and Jonathan Biss! The Artists The Quartet is named for Antonie Brentano, whom many scholars consider to be Beethoven’s “Immortal Beloved”, the intended recipient of his famous love confession….